Saltwater Fly Pattern


#8 – 10 Mustad C70SD or Gamagatsu SL45


Ice dubbing in dark green, brown or flouro green


1   Start thread at hook eye and wind back to hook bend.

2   Take a small amount of dubbing and tie in leaving a tail of equal length to the hook.

3   Lightly twist (dub) material around thread and loosely wind dubbed thread back to hook eye.

4   Unravel excess dubbing from around thread and tie off with 3 turns of thread.

5   Fold excess dubbing back over the body of the fly and bind down.

6   Take another small bunch of dubbing (twice length of hook), double it around the thread and bind down so that it is evenly spread around the hook shank. Whip finish and apply a small amount of head cement.

7   Dip the fly in water and trim off any long ends of material. The tail should only extend by half to one hook length past the bend.


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